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Teach Yourself Excel

These are links to short tutorial-style animations that I have created. They are designed to help anyone learn some of Microsoft Excel's features. They cover a range of useful, everyday functions and tips and also some basic statistical tools.

You'll need this xls file in order to follow the tutorial - click here to download.

Lesson Function
Lesson 1 Insert Function
Lesson 2 If
Lesson 3 Autosum
Lesson 4 &
Lesson 5 Live Zoom
Lesson 6 Align Vertical
Lesson 7 Sort
Lesson 8 Average
Lesson 9 Freezing Panes
Lesson 10 Unhide
Lesson 11 Sum
Lesson 12 Adding Text
Lesson 13 Alt + Enter
Lesson 14 Fill Down
Lesson 15 Conditional Formatting