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Time-Shifted Teaching

'Time-Shifted Teaching' (my own term) is a teaching/learning technique that puts the pupil much more at the centre of their learning. It gets its name because the teaching is shifted from being done at school to being done at home the night before.

Time-shifted teaching is a model of flipped learning, which is a technique that is gaining momentum in the US and there are a few teachers in the UK also flipping their classrooms. Some good websites to visit are:

I trialled time-shifted teaching for one half-term and I plan to do more next year. The main benefit was that more lesson time could be given to learning activities as less time was needed for 'teaching'. I estimate that I bought back an hour of lesson time over the course of a week by shifting my teaching outside of class time.

This particular page was the starting point for my pupils to visit when they got home - it contained what they needed to study for the following day's class.

Year 7 - Summer 1