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Big Blue Calc subtangent Dictionary for Kids
Big Blue Calc Subtangent Dictionary for Kids
Geometry Toolbox Scientific Calc Starter of the Day
Geometry Toolbox Scientific Calc Starter of the Day

Website Level Comments
Angles3-5Guess the angle
Bingo3-4Number generator for playing bingo
Census At School3-6Use data from around the world to make data handling projects interesting
Coordinates3-5Find the coordinates
DfES Numeracy Strategy Activities2-5Interactive resources from the Primary and National Numeracy Strategy
Famous MathematiciansAllBest website by far for famous mathematicians.
Flashy Maths3-6Good games for bearings, equivalent fractions, rotations and solving equations.
Java Simulations3-8Lots of different interactive resources live on the web. Requires java to work.
Karen's Tricks ( has some "goofy" tricks of the trade.
Maths Is Good For YouAllHistory of mathematics for young mathematicians.
MathsFrame2-5IWB activities that really hit the spot for teaching basics. From another maths teacher.
Millionaire2-6Who Wants To Be...
Missing Number3-5Find the compliments to +1000
Money Maker2-6Popular money making game - turn sound off!
Moonmaths2-3Multiplication fun - good starter activity
Nrich3-6Lots of teacher resources
Number Order2-4Order the positive numbers - good starter activity
Oswego2-6Worth familiarising yourself with the games on here and you can make your own. Useful as starter activities.
Primary Resources2-4Lots of resources aimed at the younger/lower ability student. Some mrreddy links lead here, e.g. Number Order.
Puzzle Maker2-4Online tool for making your own puzzles, e.g. wordsearches
Quia2-6Create interactive activities (e.g. hangman, wordsearches, card matches, millionaire, quizzes & more). I have an account, email me for password.
Reflection4-6Create coloured arrangement and reflect - good for IWB
Rocket Maths3-6Trial and error consecutive numbering
Rotation4-6Predict where rotated shape will be - best combined with IWB
RSS3-6Very nice, preprepared resources for data handling projects. Popular with my students.
Set3-6The brain game introduced in Year 7 Maths Club by Mr Reddy
Shape Reveal3-4Guess the shape before it appears - good starter activity
Songs for Learning3-4Appeals to the auditory learner and injects some humour
SubtangentAllAnother maths teacher sharing his resources. Check out the Games page too.
Yacapaca2-6Sign up for some easy to use online class assignment activities or make your own. Keeps scores for each pupil in your class. Well worth it for lessons in the ICT suite.

Am I missing a favourite of yours? Let me know!